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Microsoft Power BI Basic Quiz

This is the quiz to test your knowledge on data analysis and Microsoft Power BI. There will be maximum 60 minutes for the test.

Let's do the test and find out your result.

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Which data role enables advanced analytics capabilities through reports and visualizations?

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Which data analyst task has a critical performance impact on reporting and data analysis?

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Which one of the following options is a key benefit of data analysis?

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What is the common flow of activity in Power BI?

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Which of the following are building blocks of Power BI?

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A collection of ready-made visuals, pre-arranged in dashboards and reports is called what in Power BI?

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What type of expression do you use to extract data from Microsoft SQL Server?

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You're creating a Power BI report with data from an Azure Analysis Services Cube. When the data refreshes in the cube, you would like to see it immediately in the Power BI report. How should you connect?

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What can you do to improve performance when you are getting data in Power BI?

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What is a risk of having null values in a numeric column?

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If you have two queries that have different data, but you want to concatenate the results into one query with all the combined rows, which operation should you perform?

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Which of the following selections are not best practices for naming conventions in Power BI?

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What does data granularity mean?

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What is the difference between a fact table and a dimension table?

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Which two functions will help you compare dates to the previous month?

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Why would you want to override the default context?

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How do you use an inactive relationship in a single measure?

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What benefit do you get from analyzing the metadata?

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What can be achieved by removing unnecessary rows and columns?

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Is it possible to create a relationship between two columns if they are different DATA TYPE columns?

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What is the benefit of using a report tooltip?

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Which of the following options is not one of the four components in the Q&A visualization?

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Do you need to import custom visuals each time you want to use them when you are developing a new report?

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Which of the following filters are not available in Power BI reports?

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How can you analyze performance of each of your report elements?

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Can you use bookmarks to create a slide show in Power BI?

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What is a dashboard?

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What is one way that reports and dashboards differ?

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Where can you configure and set data alerts?

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Why are parameters important in Power BI paginated reports?

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Power BI paginated reports are created by using which tool?

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Power BI paginated reports is an evolved technology that was built from which original tool?

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What Power BI feature can give an in-depth analysis of the distribution of data?

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 Where are time series charts located?

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What visual should be used to display outliers?

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What does the AI splits feature do?

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Can you access the Q & A feature by using buttons?

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Which of the following selections are not features of the Q&A visual?

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What does the decomposition tree not enable you to do?

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How is the Admin workspace role different from other types of workspace roles?

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Which one of the following options is the best description of a workspace?

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What feature in Power BI service can you use to troubleshoot the flow of data from its source to its destination?

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 Where are dataset-scheduled refreshes configured?

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What reserved parameters configure the start and end of where Incremental refresh should occur?

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What is the difference between Promotion and Certification when you are endorsing a dataset?

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Which function will tell you the username of the person who is signed in to Power BI service?

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Where can you test RLS by using different security roles?

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