Application with Breath First Search algorithm in C#

This application finds the relationship of actors using breath – first search algorithm. This is my own version of “Six degrees of Kevin Bacon” game.  Big O analysis Worst case time performance:Ο(|V|+|E|) = Ο(bd)Worst case space complexity:Ο(|V|) = Ο(bd) WhereV : number of vertices of the graphE : number of edges of the graphd : the depth of the …

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Car Racing

Game descriptionIn this game, players need to use the A and D button on keyboard to move the car avoiding be crashed with other cars. For each time of successfully avoiding crashing with another car, players get one point. The game is over when crashing happen. Players can see their points on the game screen. …

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Mole Shooting

Game descriptionThere is a mole which appears randomly on the screen and user’s task is to shoot the mole. Players need to use the mouse to move the gun scope. Also, players need to left-click the mouse to fire the gun. The mole will only stay at a position in a very short time, then …

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