[Power BI] Visualizing H1B VISA in 2018 with AI – driven augmented features

Hello everyone,

In this post, we will look at USA H1B Visa application status in 2018 through data visualization in Power BI. The raw data of this report is from Kaggle website which you can download from Get raw data button.

One of the core features of Analytics and Business Intelligence platform is the AI - driven augmented feature. In this Power BI report, there is 4 augmented features which are:

  1. Q & A: this is a question box that you can interact with it by asking question about the data by your own language. Then, the Q & A feature will return back the answer.
  2. Smart Narratives: this feature will help you quickly summarize visuals and report automatically.
  3. Decomposition tree: this is a great feature that help you understand what affect your metric through analyzing multiple factors.
  4. Key Influencers: this another feature that help you understand which factors drive a metric that you're interested in.

Most of augmented features are not supported for public sharing. Therefore, you will need an Power BI free account in order to use these features. If you don't have Power BI account yet, just register it for free at here.

Below is my report. You can access the report by requesting an access. The approval process will be done on daily basic. Stay tune for approval period. Or if you just want to have a quick look on the report, you can download it from the Get report in PDF button above.

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