Mole Shooting

Game description

There is a mole which appears randomly on the screen and user's task is to shoot the mole. Players need to use the mouse to move the gun scope. Also, players need to left-click the mouse to fire the gun. The mole will only stay at a position in a very short time, then it will move to else where on the game screen. Therefore, players need to react very quickly in order to shoot down the mole. If players left-click the mouse, it counts as one shot. If player shoot the mole correctly ( when the mole is shot, a 'blood' symbol will be displayed at where it has been shot down), it counts as one hit. In contrast, it counts as one miss if player shoot the mole incorrectly. Players can see their avarage point ( hit/total shot) which displayed on the game screen.This game is an endless runner-style game.


See the project on Github at here

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