How do you write functions like this?

Writing software is like any other kind of writing. When you write a paper or an article, you get your thoughts down first, then you message it until it reads well. The first draft might be clumsy and disorganized, so you wordsmith it and restructure it and refine it until it reads the way you want it to read.

When I write functions, they come out long and complicated. They have lots of indenting and nested loops. They have long argument lists. The names are arbitrary, and there is duplicated code. But I also have a suite of unit tests that cover every one of those clumsy lines of code.

So then I message and refine that code, splitting out functions, changing names, eliminating duplication. I shrink the methods and reorder them. Sometimes I break out whole classes, all the while keeping the tests passing.

In the end, I wind up with functions that follows the rules I've laid down in this chapter. I don't write them that way to start. I don't thinks anyone could.

Robert C. Martin. Clean code. Chapter 3: Functions

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